Cape Coast Technical University Installs a Covid-19 solar hand washing prompting machine.
Published on 2020-06-01

The outbreak of the Novel Covid-19 has brought devastating effect on various structures of our society thereby influencing and chatting a new path of life in the world. The advent of this pandemic aside the its ravaging effects on lives also has triggered a great number of innovations that will make life better for the human race.

One of such innovations is the Solar Hand Washing Prompting Machine invented by the School of Engineering of the Cape Coast Technical University.

The Cape Coast Technical University is taking advantage of the groundswell of technological creativity with a Covid-19 inspired solar hand washing prompting machine.

The machine, which in three phases, comprises, the prompter, the security aspect and the touchless aspect.

The innovator, Sumaila Abubakar explains, the promoting aspect of the machine welcomes anyone who enters the facility and urges them to observe the social distancing protocols while the security aspect stops one from entering the offices until such a person performs the protocols.

The third aspect, the touchless one, allows one to go through the protocols without touching anything.

The innovator explains, the innovation is in response to solving societal challenges in the period of Covid-19.

“I did this to arm us to fight the virus in a better way. I know this will go a long way to help in the fight against the pandemic,” he stressed.

Vice Chancellor of the Cape Coast Technical University, Rt. Rev. Professor Joshua Danso Owusu-Sekyere who also went through the newly installed system explained the university is ready to commercialise the innovation to many establishments and institutions that need it.

“We are ready to go the long haul to outdoor what the university has under it sleeves. This adds to the body of innovations the university will be unveiling. We are willing to have this in all parts of the country,” he averred.

The inventor, according to the Vice Chancellor is also coming up with an air-conditioner that is able to kill Covid-19 virus.

“When anyone who has the virus enters an office which has been affixed with air-condition, the virus would be killed if the droplets from the person’s mouth fall,” he stated.

Professor Joshua Danso Owusu-Sekyere is confident, the resilience, creativity and innovation of the university would help solve many challenges relating to the Covid-19.